County 4-H Program Endowments

Support in Perpetuity

Making a Long-Term Investment in 4‑H Youth

County 4‑H Designated Gift Program

The Indiana 4‑H Foundation routinely accepts and administers charitable contributions designated by the donor for support of a specific Indiana county 4‑H program. The benefits of foundation management of county designated gifts include donor recognition and stewardship opportunities, state and federal tax benefits, financial accountability and record keeping.

An endowment is a fund that is held permanently. The corpus of the fund is invested and held intact, and the earning from the fund are used to support 4‑H programs.

Donate to a County Endowment

To donate to a specific county 4‑H program on the gift form, select “Other” in the drop down menu and specify the county name in the box.

General County 4‑H Endowments

General county 4‑H endowment funds are not named in a donor’s name and provide annual support for local program delivery, development of new programs and learning materials, or any future areas of greatest need to advance the county program. New funds may be established for counties that do not have an existing endowment.

Endowment Basics

An endowment gift of $25,000 will provide $1,000 of programmatic 4‑H funding annually for your county’s 4‑H program forever! There is a $25,000 minimum* to establish an endowment with the Foundation.  Endowments can be restricted to a county or multiple counties.  The ultimate goal is to ensure endowments are broad enough to include programs or scholarships for the future, so it will be awarded in perpetuity.

*Endowments can be completed as cash gifts over five years or established as a gift in your will or trust