Premier Companies Grants

Thanks to a generous donation from Premier Companies, county 4‑H programs in southeastern Indiana can apply for funds to support innovative, agricultural-related youth development programs and exciting initiatives.

2022 Premier Companies Grant Recipients

For 2022, the following southeastern Indiana 4‑H programs have received funds:

Clark County
Educator: Katie Whiteford
Premier Companies Funding Received: $4,500
Clark County 4‑H welcomes a Premier Companies grant to fund various initiatives including livestock educational workshops and to enhance a mentorship program.

Harrison County
Educator: Rebecca Wilkins
Premier Companies Funding Received: $5,000
Harrison County 4‑H will use a Premier Companies grant for an inflatable soil tunnel for the annual 3rd Grade ag days, county fair events and also make the soil tunnel available to other groups and organizations.

Jackson County
Educator: Heather VonDielingen
Premier Companies Funding Received: $7,450
Jackson County’s 4‑H’s Premier Companies grant will fund improvements to the 4‑H building at the Jackson County fairgrounds. Upgrades will include replacing lights, repairing benches, purchasing chairs, tables, stools and new mannequins for the sewing display area.

Johnson County
Educator: Heather Dougherty
Premier Companies Funding Received: $4,000
Johnson County 4‑H is pleased to receive a Premier Companies grant for much-needed supplies for animal science, livestock and other activities. Also, the grant will greatly help Johnson County 4‑H as they promote their programs throughout the county.

Lawrence County
Educator: Lesley Lodmell
Premier Companies Funding Received: $5,575
A Premier Companies grant for Lawrence County 4‑H will be used to host a min day camp and several workshops in the summer of 2022. The goal is to enhance interest in non-livestock projects like plant identification and lawn care.

Monroe County
Educator: Clint Deck
Premier Companies Funding Received: $6,200
Monroe County will use a Premier Companies grant for an exciting new initiative to teach students in various local schools how to program drones, learning aviation and computer skills along the way.

Morgan County
Educator: Rena Sheldon
Premier Companies Funding Received: $1,300
Morgan County plans to use a Premier Companies grant for a 4‑H Learning Lab kit for the Swine and Llama projects, with stations set up at the annual Farmers Day in October.

Scott County
Educator: Megan McNeely
Premier Companies Funding Received: $3,100
Scott County 4‑H will use Premier Companies grant funds for an educational trip to Feldun Purdue Ag Center, where young people can learn about careers in beef production. Also, funds will be used to purchase Learning Lab Kits and a horse health learning experience.

Switzerland County
Educator: Kyle Weaver
Premier Companies Funding Received: $2,000
Switzerland County will benefit from a Premier Companies grant to provide educational programming and resources in the areas of Agriculture and STEM, benefitting students in classes, after-school programming, Spark Clubs, Ag Day, Mini 4‑H Day, and School Camps.

Washington County
Educator: Megan Broughton
Premier Companies Funding Received: $5,000
Washington County plans to utilize a Premier Companies grant for a mini Showmanship workshop for 4‑H members in grades K-2, learning how to care for and show pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits. The grant will also fund a livestock carcass workshop taught by a professor from Kentucky.

Premier Companies

About Premier Companies' Commitment to 4‑H

Premier Companies, headquartered in Seymour, Indiana, has been a generous sponsor of the Indiana 4‑H Leadership Summit and the $50,000 donation to support southeastern county 4‑H initiatives in 2022 is a significant symbol of Premier’s commitment to 4‑H.

Premier Companies started in 1927 with the aim of providing energy and agricultural services in Indiana. Harold Cooper, CEO of Premier Companies, is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of agri-business leaders.

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