Indiana Forever 4-H Society


The Indiana Forever 4‑H Society is made up of people who have pledged a donation to the 4‑H Foundation in the future whether through bequests, life insurance policies, donor-advised funds, farm land, and other methods.

These types of gifts help ensure the long-term future of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation and its support for Indiana 4‑H programs and youth. It is an easy and affordable way to make a long-term impact on the Indiana 4‑H Foundation at any age.

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The Indiana 4‑H Foundation is proud to share with you the members of the Indiana Forever 4‑H Society. These dedicated individuals have informed the Indiana 4‑H Foundation that they are investing in the future of Indiana 4‑H so that it will continue forever!

Share Your Intent to Give to Indiana 4‑H

Tell us of your arranged gift and choose whether or not to be listed.

Dr. Robert M. Abel*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Kathy Adkins
Mr. Steven G. Allen
Mr. W. Robert Amick*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert* and Maurine* Anderson
Mrs. and Mr. Marjorie and Charles Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Deborah Bechman
Ms. Michelle L. Bingle
Dr. Patricia Buchanan
Ms. Hollie Bunn
Ms. Lorene Burkhart
Mrs. Lois Ellen Byers
Ms. Mary D. Cline*
Mrs. Beverly A. Cunningham
Mrs. Christy Denault and Dr. Jeffry Denault
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Martha DeVoe
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ann DiJulio
Mrs. Alma M. Dinsmore*
Ms. Jordan R. Downham
Ms. Julie Eddleman and Ms. Diane Cummins
Mrs. Barbara J. Faris*
Ms. Nola Gentry* and Mr. Ned Derhammer*
Mrs. Pris M. Gerde
Dr. Eva L. Goble*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Cynthia Grimm

Ms. Jane Ann Hildenbrand
Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Judith Jabaay
Mr. Wayne K. Jennings*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald* and Jackie* Kremer
Ms. Karen M. Lackey*
Ms. June Ann Ladd
Mrs. Paulette LeCount-Dowden and Mr. Garry Dowden
Mr. James Luzar and Dr. Ella Ingram
Ms. Suzanna L. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Karen McKinney
Mrs. Deborah Myers-Cook and Mr. Ronald Cook*
Ms. Peggy J. Naile
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Robin Nickel
Mr. Dennis Polk
Mr. Victor A. E. Schneider
Mr. Roger A. Sherer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Judy Singleton
Ms. Mary Frances Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Mary Swartz
Mrs. Nancy I. Towner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Kathleen Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. Grant and Heather VonDielingen
Mrs. Annie Watts Cloncs and Mr. Richard Cloncs
Mrs. Elizabeth Whetsell*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Carol Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Jeanne Wise
Mrs. Helen L. Witte

* indicates deceased