Make a Lasting Impact

Making a Long-Term Investment in 4‑H Youth

Indiana 4‑H Foundation’s endowment funds are held and invested by the Purdue Research Foundation through a special agreement. This allows us to receive great returns on investments. These funds support a specific purpose or program in perpetuity and are spent in such a way that the principal investment remains intact.

Endowments are funds that are restricted to specific purposes and are spent in such a way that the principal investment remains intact. Essentially, endowments support their designated purposes in perpetuity.

Endowment Basics

An endowment gift of $25,000 will provide funding for a $1,000 per year scholarship. There is a $25,000 minimum* to establish an endowment with the Foundation.  Endowments can be restricted to a county or multiple counties.  The ultimate goal is to ensure endowments are broad enough to include programs or scholarships for the future, so it will be awarded in perpetuity.

*Endowments can be completed as cash gifts over five years or established as a part of a planned gift. 


The Foundation currently has approximately $1.2 million invested in 44 endowments for scholarships and 4‑H programs, with an overall return of 4.2 percent before spending.

Each year we receive nearly 1,000 scholarship applications from young people in 4‑H. About 220 of them receive a combined total of over $130,000 in scholarships annually.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about establishing an endowment to provide ongoing funding for a particular program or award, contact the Foundation’s Executive Director.

Current Endowments

  • Richard Eugene Ladd 4‑H Scholarship – Supports 4‑H scholarships in Grant County
  • Wayne and Barbara Jennings 4‑H Scholarship Fund – Supports Hendricks County Scholarships
  • Paulette LeCount-Dowden Fashion Revue/Sewing Accomplishment Scholarship – Supports the annual Sewing/Fashion Revue Accomplishment Scholarship
  • Alice Gentry Memorial Endowment – Supports Hamilton County Scholarships in memory of Alice Gentry
  • Cline Endowment – Supports 4‑H Junior Leader Programs
  • Crooks Endowment – Supports Extension Staff Education Grants
  • Doc Abel Endowment – Supports Citizenship and Leadership Training in honor of Dr. Robert Abel
  • Indiana Retired Extension Staff Endowment – Supports Leader Training
  • International Program Endowment – Supports International 4‑H Experiences
  • Pauline Beck Family Endowment – Supports Hamilton County Scholarships and Awards
  • McKinzie Endowment – Supports the General Fund
  • Staff Research Endowment – Supports 4‑H Staff Research Grants
  • Jackson County 4‑H Endowment – Supports 4‑H Programming in Jackson County
  • Don and Jackie Kremer Family 4‑H Scholarship Endowment – Supports a scholarship for 4‑H members in Animal Science, with a preference for youth in the swine project
  • Dennis Polk Family 4‑H Scholarship Endowment for Kosciusko County – Supports scholarships for 4‑H members in Kosciusko County
  • Louis and Mary Luzar 4‑H Scholarship for Putnam County – Supports scholarships for 4‑H members in Putnam County
  • Robert Anderson and Maurine Anderson 4‑H Endowment for Hamilton County – Supports Hamilton County programs
  • Chester L. Towner Indiana 4‑H Scholarship for 4‑H Electric – Supports electric scholarships. Must be attending a school in the State of Indiana; preference for those attending Electric Lineman School
  • Grant County 4‑H Endowment – Supports Grant County 4‑H program
  • Nola Gentry Estate Charitable Trust – Supports scholarships in Hamilton, Tippecanoe, White, Benton, Clinton, and Carroll counties and other programs approved by the executive committee
  • Dr. Mark Cunningham 4‑H Memorial Scholarship – Supports scholarships for students enrolled at any institution in Agriculture who must have participated in Boone County 4‑H beef program for 5 years
  • Scott and Mary Swartz Endowment for Johnson County 4‑H – Estate gift – Supports the Johnson County 4‑H program
  • Doris Jane Hunefeld Hildenbrand Endowment for Dubois County 4‑H – Supports members of the Dubois County 4‑H program, with preference given to leadership, citizenship, healthy living, and child development programs
  • Eddleman Family Scholarship for Marion County 4‑H – Supports scholarships for students from Marion County attending Purdue
  • Perry County 4‑H Endowment Fund – Supports 4‑H Programming in Perry County
  • Dr. Pat Jarboe Buchanan 4‑H Scholarship – Supports scholarships for residents of Vanderburgh County; must be attending Purdue West Lafayette campus
  • IN Consumer Trends Council Healthy Living Support Fund Endowment – Supports healthy living initiatives
  • Katie Stam Irk Scholarship for Servant Leadership – Supports scholarships for students attending any university in Indiana
  • LaPorte County 4‑H Booster and Alumni Association Endowment – Supports LaPorte County 4‑H Program including construction or renovation of a building
  • Jeff Holland 4‑H Scholarship for Monroe County
  • Robert E. and Maurine K. Anderson 4‑H Scholarship – Supports scholarships for 10-year members from a single-parent home
  • Janet Allen Memorial Extension Professional Development Scholarship – Supports scholarships for Extension Educators; must work for Purdue Extension as an extension educator and use funds for further development of the Extension profession
  • Paulette LeCount Dowden Fashion Revue/Sewing Accomplishment Scholarship Endowment – Supports an accomplishment scholarship for Fashion Revue/Sewing
  • Sharon A. and David A. White Allen County 4‑H Endowment
Indiana Endowments by County

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