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What loans and scholarship opportunities are available through the Indiana 4‑H Foundation for Indiana 4‑H members and alumni?

There are many opportunities for scholarships and financial assistance through the Indiana 4‑H Foundation.

What programs does the Indiana 4‑H Foundation support?

The Foundation focuses it support on statewide programs for leadership and citizenship training for youth and adults as recognition for achievement.

I can’t afford to make a monetary gift right now, but I’d like to volunteer my time to help. What can I do?

As we strive as a non-profit Foundation “To Make the Best Better,” that means that we try to do more with less, so we need the help of volunteers. The Indiana State Fair is a time when we need several dozen volunteers to help staff our booths. Events such as our annual meeting and the Indiana 4‑H Congress Scholarship Luncheon also require extra hands and eyes.

If you’d like to help, contact the Executive Director to find out about the current opportunities to make a difference.

Are gifts to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation tax-deductible?

The Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3. Please consult your tax adviser regarding your personal tax situation.

How can I become an Indiana 4‑H Foundation donor?

You can make a gift today by visiting our Donate page. You may also send your gift to us at:

Indiana 4‑H Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 3125
Indianapolis, IN 46206
How can my business or organization become an Indiana 4‑H Foundation Sponsor?

There are many ways your business or organization can become a sponsor and earn recognition for generously supporting the largest youth development organization in the world!

Visit our sponsorship page to learn about our different sponsoring opportunities or contact the Executive Director to discuss creating new sponsoring opportunities.

Does the Foundation accept in-kind contributions or contributions of sale-able merchandise?

In-kind contributions such as printing services, media assistance, advertising space, and current technology are typically accepted. Sale-able merchandise is considered on a case-by-case basis.

What percentage of my contribution dollar goes to programs?

In 2010, nearly $0.75 of every dollar went directly to support Indiana 4‑H programs and scholarships. We’re working hard to establish an endowment to provide for our Foundation operations so that, ultimately, every cent donated to the Foundation would be infused into Indiana 4‑H Youth Development. To learn more about how you can be involved in the Foundation endowment, contact the Executive Director.

How is the work of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation funded?

The Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 that receives no government funding. It relies on the generosity of friends and corporate and community support to provide the money needed to fund statewide 4‑H programs.

Thanks to the help of extension groups, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and endowed funds, we are able to proudly assist the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service as it offers leadership and educational opportunities to 4‑H members in all 92 counties.

What’s the difference between Indiana 4‑H programs and the Indiana 4‑H Foundation?

The Indiana 4‑H program helps participating youth gain valuable leadership skills, develop their decision making capabilities, increase their appreciation for community service, learn to set goals, plan projects, and solve problems.

Learn more about the Indiana 4‑H Youth Development program by visiting its website. The Indiana 4‑H Foundation is a separate, 501(c)3 non-profit that works on building partnerships to secure financial support, advocacy, and promotion of the Indiana 4‑H program. The Foundation also helps support the 4‑H program with any other funding needed which otherwise might not be offered.

My son or daughter wants to become involved with 4‑H. What do I do?

Call your county extension office or a 4‑H leader in your community to find a club or program near you. You can find your county extension office phone number here. Or, you can start your own club or program! All it takes is a couple of adult volunteers and several interested young people to start a new club.

Indiana 4‑H has a presence in all 92 counties in the state, in rural areas, small towns, and even urban centers.

I want to change my contact preferences with the Foundation. Who should I contact?

If you’d like to receiving our mailings or email communications or change your contact preferences or information, contact us via our web form.

I was in 4‑H years ago in Indiana. Can you help me find some of my old 4‑H friends?

The Indiana 4‑H Foundation has a database of tens of thousands of supporters across the state, nation, and world. While we guard the privacy of our supporters, if you have any specific names of people you are trying to get in touch with, we will do our best to provide those people with your contact information.

I called your office and you answered the phone “4‑H Resource Development.” I thought I was calling the Indiana 4‑H Foundation, so what’s the difference?

You can give gifts to support Indiana 4‑H Youth Development through the Indiana 4‑H Foundation or 4‑H Resource Development. No matter which entity you give to, your money is used to support Indiana 4‑H.

The Indiana 4‑H Foundation is a independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to raise resource for Indiana 4‑H.

4‑H Resource Development also supports Indiana 4‑H, but it is facilitated by Purdue University. Donating to 4‑H Resource Development enables you to take advantage of the same tax advantages as donating to Purdue. Contributions to the Purdue Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue code (100% deductible at the Federal level). Indiana taxpayers may take a tax credit of half of their gift to Purdue.

For a joint return, the maximum credit is $200 (based on a gift of $400 or more), and for a single return, the maximum credit is $100 (for a gift of $200 or more). The tax credit directly reduces the bottom line of your state income tax by reducing the amount you owe in taxes. All it takes is your gift to Purdue and one simple form, the Indiana CC-40. You can ensure that your gift to Purdue is restricted to 4‑H by writing “4‑H Gift Account #014862” in the memo line.

If you have further questions, contact the Executive Director of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation who also serves as Purdue Extension 4‑H Resource Development Officer.

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