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2020 Fall Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: — Remembering Bill Viar — 4-H responds to blood shortage — Foundation Board spotlight: Jordan Downham — Corporate Donation Features: Premier Companies & Duke Energy — Indiana 4-H endowments

2020 Spring Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE Tackling Community Needs Introducing Casey Mull - Program Leader Spotlight Charitable Giving and Your IRA Duke Energy - Corporate Donation Feature Indiana 4-H Endowments

2019 Fall Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE Donor Feature - June Ladd Gift of 4-H Available for Every Child featuring Board Member Bill Viar 4-H Meets The Needs Of The Next Generation Perry County Endowment Funds Innovative Educational Programs Duke Energy Donates STEM Makers Kits Reaching 4...

2019 Spring Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE - Clover Gaming Connection - Bob and Maurine Anderson - Donor Feature - Educator Feature - Heather VonDielingen - Meet The State 4-H Specialists [pdf-embedder url="" title="2019 Spring...

2018 Fall Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE Farm Credit Celebrates Rich History Meet the State 4-H Specialists Educator Feature - Joan Grott, Porter Co. Bob and Cindy Grimm - Donor Feature Forever 4-H [pdf-embedder url=""...

2018 Spring Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE  Indiana 4-H and ISDA Team Up To Grow Future Leaders 4 Educators, 1 Team, and 1 Passion: 4-H Indiana 4-H Takes a Bite Out of Hunger Are you a Champion? 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Indiana 4-H Round-Up Former President Nola Gentry Leaves a...