What We Fund

4‑H Mission Areas

Engaging Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

4‑H prepares young people to excel in science, technology, engineering, and math by providing hands-on science-focused learning opportunities that encourage young minds who will help fill the pipeline of young leaders for tomorrow’s science fields.

  • 59% of 4‑H member participants report they would like to have a job related to science  when they graduate from school.
  • 69% of  4‑H STEM program participants complete a STEM community service project and
  • 51% of 4‑H STEM participants share what they learned about science with others.

Science Programming

There are more than 70 project areas in Indiana 4‑H. Areas like aerospace, aquatic science and livestock help reinforce the five core areas of Science programming. Other areas include:

  • animal science & agriculture
  • applied mathematics
  • consumer science
  • engineering
  • environmental science & natural resources
  • life science
  • robotics and technology

National Youth Science Day

The most visible science programming in Indiana 4‑H is 4‑H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) in early October. Started in 2008, NYSD features a nationwide science experiment that gives 4‑H members a hands-on learning experience. Past experiments have focused on hydrogels, biofuels, and water quality.

Learn more about NYSD at the National 4‑H website or contact your County Extension Educator to learn about NYSD in your county.

Makers Kits

The Indiana 4‑H Foundation, working in conjunction with the Indiana 4‑H Youth Development program, was very fortunate to receive a Lilly Endowment Grant in 2011 which supplied the start-up funding to start to build the infrastructure for the beginning of the robotics program. From 2012 to current year, we have been granted funding to support a full-time STEM specialist. Having a full-time staff member along with the Duke Energy Foundation funds in 2015 to the current year, has helped us build a robotics and Makers programs in 80 counties of the 92 counties in Indiana. Recruitment for these STEM clubs has been so successful that county programs also hold fundraisers in their local communities to supplement their robotics programs for additional laptops and other materials to be able to give more opportunities to youth. Now we are working toward providing STEM Makers kits in all 92 counties as well as ongoing support for STEM Education with volunteers and staff.  If you are interested in supporting STEM initiatives in your county or across the Indiana, please contact our office and we will be thrilled to work with you or your company.

Educating Youth to Make Healthy and Safe Decisions

4‑H Healthy Living encompasses a holistic approach including healthy eating habits, physical fitness, the capacity to recognize and direct emotions, and the ability to develop and maintain positive social interactions and relationships.

Youth and their families engaged in 4‑H Healthy Living will develop an awareness and positive attitude about healthy living while increasing their knowledge, skills, and competencies in physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Healthy Living Programming

There are more than 70 project areas in Indiana 4‑H. Areas like food, health and home environment help reinforce the five core areas of Healthy Living: nutrition, fitness, social-emotional health, injury prevention and prevention of the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. 4‑H focuses on both creating healthy habits that lead to a health-minded lifestyle as well as preventative measures that can help youth avoid health problems later on in life.

Connecting Youth To Their Communities

Since its beginning, 4‑H has placed heavy emphasis on young people becoming engaged, well-informed adults.

4‑H youth members understand their role in civic affairs and are able to expand their roles in decision-making processes.

Civic engagement provides the foundation that helps youth understand the big picture of community life. In 4‑H, youth learn the skill sets that will allow them to become wise leaders for the future of our state, nation, & world

Community-Minded Programming

The pillar of community involvement is built around 4 tenants: civic engagement, service, civic education and leadership. Our programs, conferences, clubs and projects put Hoosier youth in the position to gain hands-on experience improving themselves and their communities.

State 4‑H Junior Leader Conference

The State 4‑H Junior Leader Conference is to enables Junior Leaders from across the state to learn new leadership skills and network with other members from Indiana 4‑H members. Junior Leaders  are encouraged to share the skills and knowledge they gain at the conference with other 4‑H members in their counties, communities, and clubs.

Additional Programming

There are more than 70 project areas in Indiana 4‑H. Areas like leadership, communication and personality empower young Hoosiers to sharpen their life skills and increase their awareness of what it means to be a member of their community in many different ways. 4‑H clubs in every Indiana county provide community service projects, clubs and county-wide youth leadership positions, and chances to champion important civic causes and solve community problems.