Crystal & Emerald Clovers


Crystal Clovers & Emerald Clovers Giving Clubs

Giving in any form is invaluable to continuing these important programs, but greatest-need funding is vital to flexibility and to support lesser known programs and operations. As a member of this giving club, you will help the Indiana 4‑H program reach new audiences. By joining, you’ll receive personal invitations to special events and personal communication from the Foundation that allows you to be more informed about what is happening with 4‑H across Indiana.


Give by Check

To give by check, please print and mail  the form below along with your check to:

Indiana 4‑H Foundation
PO Box 3125
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Donate Online

You can become a Crystal or Emerald Clover today by donating online.


Emerald Clovers

Those individuals who give at least $5,000 in greatest-need funding to the Foundation within a calendar year earn the designation of Emerald Clover.

Crystal Clovers

Those individuals who give
at least $1,000 in greatest-need funding to the
Foundation within a calendar year earn
the designation of Crystal Clover.

Emerald Clover Donors:

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Deborah Bechman
Mrs. Christy Denault and Dr. Jeffry Denault
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Shirley Guske
Dr. and Mrs. Kerry and Betsy Keffaber
June Ann Ladd
Ms. Peggy J. Naile
Mrs. Nancy I. Towner

Crystal Clover Donors:

Mrs. Evelyn Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Kathy Adkins
Mr. Bowen E. Akers
Mr. and Mrs. R. Duke and Linda Aldridge
Dr. and Mrs. Kemal and Cheryl Altinkemer
Ms. Sara K. Anderson
Julia Angle Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Nancy Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Glendia Beck
Ms. Michelle L. Bingle
Ms. Eleanor D. Bookwalter
Mr. and Mrs. Ty and Sacha Brown
Ms. Charlotte Carr
C. Jack and Linda J.H. Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jill Coleman
Community Foundation Alliance – Evansville
Corteva Agriscience
Mr. and Mrs. David and Brenda Day
Ms. Jordan R. Downham
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Ruth Frette
Mr. and Mrs. James and Michelle Geller
Mrs. Pris M. Gerde
Mrs. Susan L. Girod
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Cynthia Grimm
Mrs. and Mr. Abby and Mavrick Gutwein
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Kara Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall and Janet Hedrick
Ms. Robyn F. Heine
Dr. and Mrs. Jason and Angela Henderson
Hog Slat, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven and Diana Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. John and Gina Huhnke
Indiana Association of Fairs, Festivals and Events
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Susan Jordan
Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc. Epsilon
Mr. Lawrence E. Klink
Mrs. Shirley A. Kurtzhals
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Sarah Later
Mrs. Paulette LeCount-Dowden and Mr. Garry Dowden
Dr. and Mrs. Norman and Cay Long
Mr. Daniel Luedke
Marion County Farm Bureau, Inc.
Mrs. Jane A. Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Lais McCartney
Colonel and Mrs. Lelan and Joy McReynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Joyce Meiners
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Tracy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Kristen Nagle
Ms. Kathleen K. Peoples
Mrs. Gretchen Perigo
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Gail Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Cindy Reynolds
Robert & Maurine Anderson Family Foundation Inc
Mr. and Mrs. David and Danita Rodibaugh
Rodibaugh & Sons, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Charmayne Saylors
Mrs. Joann Schwartzkopf
Mr. George E. Screes
Mr. Todd Sears
Ms. Sharon E. Semones
Mr. Roger A. Sherer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Judy Singleton
Mr. and Dr. Robert and Erika Slinker
Mrs. and Mr. Pamela and Jay Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Sharon Sommers
Ms. Heidi B. Spahn
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Thinh Steinhardt
Ms. Linda S. Straub
Mrs. Kathleen Stubbe Truitt
Superior Ag Resources Cooperative Inc.
The CREW Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Ron and Sally Thieme
Mr. Darrel L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John and Patricia Torr
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Barbara Vawter
Mrs. and Mr. Sally and Edward* Veenhuizen
Ms. Erica Viar
Warrick County Community Foundation
Mrs. Annie Watts Cloncs and Mr. Richard Cloncs
Mr. and Mrs. David and Kendra Weidmayer
Wells County 4‑H Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Dana White
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Jeanne Wise
Mr. and Dr. Eric and June Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey and Susan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Anne Young