Brackets for Good 2018

Published: February 21, 2018

We are participating in the Brackets For Good 2018 Indiana tournament! Brackets For Good is an Indianapolis based non-profit organization that helps communities across the nation connect with non-profits in their own neighborhood.

The first competitive fundraising tournament took place in Indianapolis in 2012, with 8 local organizations raising $32,000. In 2017, twelve simultaneous tournaments across the country raised $3,600,000 for 681 participating nonprofits.

Our challenge is to rally donors to out-fundraise our opponents. These online donations translate into “points,” and the organization with the most points advances in a bracket- style tournament.

The organization that advances all the way to the end wins a grand prize donation. The best part is that we get to keep donations received during the tournament, regardless of how many rounds we advance. Everybody wins!