Bane-Welker Equipment Sponsoring 4 Scholarships in 2024

Published: February 29, 2024
Bane-Welker Equipment sponsoring 4 scholarships

Bane-Welker Equipment has announced that this year, they are sponsoring two Engineering and Technological Science scholarships and two Leadership Development scholarships, as well as sponsoring students for Indiana 4‑H Roundup, for a total of $5,000.

Lindsay Yeager, Marketing Manager for Bane-Welker, recently talked about her experience as a former 10-year 4‑H member.

“I have so many skills that were developed by my experiences in 4‑H. I did the Photography project for all 10 years, and I use those skills today for my photography business and for creating marketing content for Bane-Welker. I never won Grand Champion in this project, which taught me a few things. The first is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; if I was proud of my work, that mattered. Another is that your project can be incredible, which is true even if you don’t receive the top prize. Both lessons have taught me to find confidence in myself and the work I produce.”

Lindsay went on to say, “I also raised sheep for 4‑H, which taught me many things! I learned about anatomy and physiology for both breed character and breeding purposes. I also learned work ethic because the animals always need to be cared for no matter the weather.”

Lindsay also had some wisdom to share with 4‑Hers getting ready to make major life decisions.

“My advice to a 4‑H youth trying to decide what career to pursue is to take full advantage of 4‑H. There are so many projects that introduce you to so many skills,” Lindsay said. “Some of the projects I completed helped guide me to my career path today by finding my interests. I suggest that you do projects that you are hesitant about. 4‑H provides a space where you can explore many different career options.”

Thank you to Bane-Welker Equipment for such a generous gift!