Farm Credit Mid-America Matching Grant Challenge

Published: December 6, 2018

Hunger, homelessness, cancer and disease, the environment, lack of access to education… can only be solved by PEOPLE.

People who are thoughtful and creative. (My head…)

People who are compassionate. (My heart…)

Who can work together. Who know how to work hard.

Who can step up and lead on an issue. (My hands…)

Who care about their communities. Their country. Their world. (My health…)

What 4‑H does is provide the one resource that is critical to solving all the world’s challenges: Capable, compassionate people.

There’s no time to waste!  A donation to Indiana 4‑H creates solutions to all kinds of problems, because it creates capable, compassionate youth who will roll up their sleeves and change the world. People like you!

As someone who cares about youth and the world, you won’t find a better investment than the Indiana 4‑H Foundation.

Please consider making a gift to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation in 2018. Don’t forget that Farm Credit Mid-America will match any donation to the Foundation’s annual campaign – dollar-for-dollar- up to $25,000! Don’t miss this opportunity to DOUBLE the impact of your gift. To qualify for the match – you must make your gift before December 31st at midnight. You may send in a check dated before December 31st – or give online to make sure you get your gift in before the match is up!