“I Remember: A Collection of Indiana 4-H Stories in Celebration of 50 Years of the Indiana 4-H Foundation”

Published: June 14, 2014

Many attendees of our 50th Celebration, in April 2011, took the time to sit and write their most memorable 4‑H story. With the help of the Writer’s Center of Indiana and the sponsorship of Beck’s Hybrids, we’ve compiled those stories to be shared for many generations to come.

I Remember: A Collection of Indiana 4‑H Stories in Celebration of 50 Years of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation is now available for purchase here. Chances are, you either know someone in the book or have had a similar 4‑H experience as one of the books many contributors. Proceeds from each purchase are returned to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation.


The Indiana 4‑H Foundation is very grateful for the generous support of Beck’s Hybrids (www.beckshybrids.com), not only for this book project, but for the years of dedicated support it has given to the Foundation and Indiana 4‑H programming and events. The consistent and unwavering support of Beck’s and other companies and individuals is what helps Indiana 4‑H continue to be one of the premier 4‑H programs in the country.

The Writers’ Center of Indiana (www.indianawriters.org) offered invaluable help in coordinating this effort. WCI’s guidance began with helping to shape the idea in the summer of 2010 and continued with planning the writing session at the 50th Anniversary Celebration and ended with typing the stories and formatting our book. Thank you for your hard work – we’re thrilled with the result!

Finally, this book would not exist without you – our committed supporters. To those of you who attended our 50th Anniversary Celebration, thank you for sharing your treasured 4‑H memories and stories that now fill this book. We’ve so enjoyed getting to read about your experiences.

And to all of you who have offered your support – financial and otherwise – to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation over the last 50 years, we cannot thank you enough! We’re so excited that you share and believe in our mission of supporting the Indiana 4‑H youth of today and tomorrow. Thank you for investing in the future of Indiana 4‑H, the future of our state, and most importantly, the future of our youth. Your support makes a difference.