Becoming a sponsor of a signature program, event, or resource can provide your organization with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 4‑H youth and communities across the state. Your company can earn recognition for its generosity and a reputation for investing in the present and future generations of Hoosier youth.

“4‑H opens doors for youth to learn leadership skills, gain skills needed to be proactive members in their communities and develop ideas for a more innovative economy. Our purpose is enriched by supporting programs like 4‑H, programs that develop future leaders, agriculturalists and farmers.”

– Lori Tennell, Vice President of Retail Operations at Farm Credit Mid-America

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Corteva Agriscience
Premier Companies
Farm Credit Mid-America
Duke Energy Foundation
Toyota Indiana
Indiana Soybean Alliance
Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Indiana Energy Association
Eli Lilly and Company
American Income Life Insurance
Ceres Solutions Cooperative

Sponsorship Opportunities

$1,000 – $4,999

Tenured Adult 4‑H Volunteer Awards $3,000
Adult 4‑H Volunteers are recognized for their tenure to the Indiana 4‑H Program beginning at 20 years, and in subsequent 5-year intervals. On average, 400 volunteers are recognized annually.
Volunteer Awards of Excellence $3,500
Youth and Adult 4‑H Volunteer Recognition during the lunch program at The Leadership Summit. Categories will include 4‑H Club programming, Youth and Adult Partnerships, and Mission Area Volunteers of the Year for STEM, Healthy Living and Civic Engagement/Leadership.

Sponsorship Opportunities

$5,000 – $9,999

4‑H Roundup Speaker
The keynote speaker kicks off the 3-day youth event and also conducts workshops for youth participants. This is a youth focused speaker that attempts to motivate youth to set goals for themselves, make healthy lifestyles choices, to give back to their community, and relate to their everyday lives. The sponsorship cost covers speaker fees and travel.

Round-Up Speaker is sponsored by Ceres Solutions, Inc., Corteva Agriscience and Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

4‑H Programming Registration Scholarships

Amount requested: $5,000

Intentional efforts are being made to reach new youth audiences in the Indiana 4‑H Youth Development Program. An incentive to encourage new audiences to attend state-sponsored 4‑H programs is to cover the registration fees for youth to attend. Many times county 4‑H programs will have local resources to offer to the youth. In cases where these local funds are unavailable, a limited number of registration scholarships will be available for state level programs. This funding request will allow for approximately 25 youth to attend a variety of statewide 4‑H programs (at an estimated rate of $200/person).

4‑H Fluid Power

Amount requested: $5,000

4‑H Fluid Power Action Challenge is an opportunity to expose middle school youth to hands-on STEM education through learning and building a fluid power robot to complete a challenge. Teams of 4-5 youth learn about the basic skills of building and designing a hydraulic or pneumatic device as well as what each of those mean and how they work. They then receive a kit of materials to go home to practice and build a prototype to complete a challenge that is announced that day. The group returns in five weeks to participate in a Challenge Day and creates from scratch the design they have chosen. Through this experience youth learn teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, how to put together a portfolio, and other important STEM skills.

Sponsorship Opportunities

$10,000 – $20,000

4‑H Science Mission Area Outreach

Amount requested: $15,000

To help further the skill development in the 4‑H Science Mission area, and especially Computer Science, durable goods will be purchased such as Android tablets for graphic programming and Computer Science hardware (Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos, and other microprocessors). These will be used in a variety of settings that will increase the engagement and educational opportunities such as Experience 4‑H @ Purdue, 4‑H Academy @ Purdue, 4‑H Round-Up, and 4‑H mission area club kits that can be checked out by counties. These components will be assembled with learning materials and event suggestions that will engage youth in experiential learning opportunities, thus furthering their interests and skill development in the three mission areas (science, civic engagement, and healthy living).

State 4‑H Jr. Leader Conference

This conference for 4‑H Junior Leaders in grades 9-12 is held annually at the University of Indianapolis in June. The 16-member State 4‑H Jr. Leader Council plans and implements the conference for their peers. Council members are chosen by delegates to the prior year’s conference. Over the course of the year, the Council meets for three weekends to develop their plans for the conference. Expenses included in the 4‑H Foundation request are Jr. Leader Council member lodging, meals, conference speakers and consultants; insurance; and conference session supplies.

Generously sponsored by Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Farm Credit Mid-America, Corteva Agriscience, Ceres Solutions Cooperative, & John Garr II.

New 4‑H Volunteer Orientation

The Volunteer Development Committee is in the process of developing orientation modules designed for use by new 4‑H volunteers. These modules will provide a basic overview of the 4‑H program and youth development principles. This information will provide the new volunteers with the information they need to begin their work as a 4‑H volunteer in the program. Once the materials are developed, they will be converted to online interactive modules for the volunteers to access from the State 4‑H website.

Senior Year Post-Secondary Scholarships

A sponsorship for this category would allow the Foundation to increase from 40 to 50 annual Indiana 4‑H Foundation scholarship awards. Sponsorship would also cover expenses for the highly competitive scholarship judging process.

Generously Sponsored by: Area 5 Horse & Pony, Catherine L. Boerste, The Brave Heart Foundation, Randy Brown, A. D. Carpenter, Marcia Carpenter, Carroll County 4‑H Exhibit Association, Cheaper By The Dozen, Cloverleaf 4‑H Club, Crystal Springs Grain, LLC, Steven E. Decker, Dubois County 4‑H Council, Inc., Dubois County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Elkhart County 4‑H Club Corporation, Fayette County 4‑H Council, Floyd County 4‑H Corporation, Inc., Four-H Club Corp., Fulton County 4‑H Council, Inc., Fulton County REMC, Gibson County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Hancock County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Harrison County 4‑H Council, Inc., Hendricks County Antique Tractor & Machinery Association, Henry County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Hoosier Energy R.E.C., Inc., Howard County 4‑H Exhibit Association Inc., Huntington County 4‑H Fair Association, Indiana Association of Soil & Water Conservation, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Jackson County 4‑H Club Committee, Inc., Jackson County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Jackson County Extension Office – 4‑H Auction Committee, Jasper County 4‑H Club Council, Inc., Jasper County 4‑H Club Council, Inc., Jasper County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Johnson County 4‑H Council, Inc., Johnson County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Knox County 4‑H Appropriation, Kosciusko County Community Foundation, Inc., La-Co Industries, Inc., LaGrange County 4‑H Swine Club, LaGrange County Jr. Leaders, Lake County 4‑H Club Committee, Inc., Lake County 4‑H Club Committee, Inc., LaPorte County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Loyal Neighbors EHC, Marshall County 4‑H Council, Martin County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Mike McKinney, Monroe County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Montgomery County 4‑H Club Jr. Leaders, Montgomery County Boys & Girls 4‑H Club, Jon R. Neufelder, Newton County 4‑H Council, Orange County 4‑H Council, Parke County 4‑H Adult Leaders, Parke County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Mabel Paul, Porter County 4‑H Council, Inc., Posey County Jr. Leaders 4‑H, Posey County 4‑H Council, Purdue CES Area 7 Fund, Purdue CES Area VIII 4‑H Youth Fund, Putnam County 4‑H Club Jr. Leaders, Spencer County 4‑H Club Assn. Inc., St. Joseph County 4‑H Boosters, St. Joseph County 4‑H Fair, Inc., St. Joseph County 4‑H Fair, Inc., Starke County 4‑H Council, Starke County 4‑H Fair Board, Vanderburgh County 4‑H Council, Inc., Vanderburgh County 4‑H Leaders Organization, Vermillion County 4‑H Club Fund, Wabash County 4‑H Council, Harriet B. Warren, Warren County 4‑H Council, Warren County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, Warrick 4‑H Council, Warrick County 4‑H Clubs, Warrick County Jr. Leaders, Wells County 4‑H Association, Inc., Wells County 4‑H Foundation, Inc., Wells County 4‑H Jr. Leaders, and White County 4‑H Jr. Leaders.

National 4‑H Conference $6,000
Conducted at the National 4‑H Center, this trip has been credited as life-altering experience for many past 4‑H Youth delegates. At the invitation of the Secretary of Agriculture, delegates assist in the development of recommendations to help guide 4‑H Youth Development Programs nationally and in their communities. Seeking sponsor to cover travel and registration expenses of two delegates.
4‑H Round-Up/Band/Chorus
Amount requested: $15,000 Currently Sponsored by Ceres Solutions, Inc., Corteva Agriscience and Indiana State Department of Agriculture and Farm Credit Mid-America

4‑H Round-Up is the first state-level experience for many youth participants grades 7-9. The primary focus in recent years has been career exploration as youth learn about careers taught by university faculty and staff. Funds used will help offset costs related to the keynote speaker, closing speaker, meet and greet activity, get acquainted mixers, and mission area educational experiences.

Band is a three-day workshop that provides high school instrumental music students the opportunity to further develop skills under the direction of Matthew Conoway, Assistant Professor of Bands, Purdue University. This workshop concludes with a concert performance Monday night at 4‑H Round-Up.

The chorus four-day workshop is held in conjunction with 4‑H Round-Up and brings high school choral students from across the state to perfect their singing and dancing abilities. This workshop requires a director, choreographer, piano accompanist, bass player and drummer. This workshop culminates with a performance at Tuesday evening’s 4‑H Round-Up session

4‑H band and chorus are the only statewide events specific to youth teaching music and arts education.

Global Gateway Experience at Heifer Ranch
Amount requested: $10,500 Currently, sponsored by Farm Credit Mid-America

4‑H members have the opportunity to learn about and experience other cultures first hand. Students gain a greater understanding of living conditions where food and other basic necessities are in scarce supply, if available at all. Funding provides for one 56-passenger bus to travel to and from the Howell Nature Center in Michigan, the overnight stay in Indiana when the teams gather on Thursday night, breakfast before departing Indiana on Friday morning, snacks along the way, and insurance for the trip. Participants each pay a $185 registration fee to attend. 11 county teams of 4 youth and 1 adult are able to attend annually. Youth who participant create a community project based on what they learned to implement when they return home.

Sponsorship Opportunities

$25,000 +

Teens as Teachers Conference

Sponsor Entire Conference for $50,000 or $10,000 per track.

Current sponsors: Indiana State Department of Agriculture for Animal Biosecurity

The Teens as Teachers Conference includes teams of 3-5 teens in grades 8-11 to learn how to: be a teen teacher; be a subject matter expert; and deliver programming to youth in their community. Five tracks are currently offered in the Spring of each year at Camp Tecumseh: Animal Biosecurity, Biotechnology, Computer Coding, Healthy Living, and Teen Leadership. Upon completion of the training, teen teachers are asked to teach 6-10 hours in their communities throughout the year. Over time, most teens average between 30-40 teaching hours per year. Each team will have an adult mentor (staff or volunteer) to help guide them as a teaching team. Teen participants and mentors each pay a $50 registration fee to help cover the per person facility, housing, and meal cost.

Animal Biosecurity – This program will focus on incorporating engineering design and maker activities into 4‑H Animal Science Programs. This session is designed to provide an avenue for youth interested in learning about animals who do not have access to live animals, while also providing STEM learning opportunities for more traditional 4‑H livestock members. Each team will receive a kit of hands-on “maker” and robotics activities for youth in grades 3-8. Teams will also inform youth about where their food comes from throughout their training sessions.

Biotechnology – This program will provide teens with a hands-on research based curriculum that focuses on the importance of biotechnology in agriculture to help solve real-world problems and support a sustainable future. These teens will receive training to promote these topics to other youth in their communities. Expenses for this track are covered through a grant from the Indiana Soybean Association.

Healthy Living – This program will focus on nutrition, physical activity, and social/emotional health activities and lessons. Teen teachers will be trained to implement healthy living programs in their communities using fun and creative methods.

Computer Coding – This program will build off last year’s success with computer coding that was launched as Indiana participated in a grant funded by National 4‑H Council and Google. Students will be exposed to a variety of coding languages, both block and text based, and will have the opportunity to practice leadership and teamwork through pair programming.

Teen Leadership – The resources included in this program will enable teens to lead community-based activities designed to help their peers develop leadership life skills, welcome and include new audiences, and gain workforce development skills.

Indiana 4‑H Leadership Summit

Total Event: $45,000

Sponsorships available at $2,500 – $5,000 -$10,000- $20,000

Current sponsors: Indiana State Department of Agriculture, CountryMark, Hogslat, Inc., Farm Credit Mid-America, Ceres Solutions, Inc., Corteva Agriscience, Halderman Real Estate Services, Harvest Land, Premier Companies

The Indiana 4‑H Leadership Summit provides education for youth and adult 4‑H Volunteers, in addition to recognizing youth and adult 4‑H Volunteers and 4‑H Accomplishment Scholarship recipients. The Indiana 4‑H Leadership Summit is held late fall of each year at the 502 East Event Centre in Carmel. The target audience is Youth and Adult 4‑H Volunteers, along with Extension Staff. Highlights of the Summit include:

  • Concurrent breakout sessions including topics based on each of the three national 4‑H mission areas: Science, Healthy Living, and Civic Engagement. Five breakout sessions will be offered in each of four time slots.
  • 4‑H Accomplishment Scholarship Recognition during the lunch in each of the scholarship categories.
  • Youth and Adult 4‑H Volunteer Recognition during the lunch program. Recognition scheduled for 2020 includes youth and adult volunteer awards of excellence. Categories will include 4‑H Club programming, Youth and Adult Partnerships, and Mission Area Volunteers of the Year.
  • Tenured 4‑H Volunteer Recognition during the lunch program for volunteers with 20 years of service and each subsequent five-year interval.