Pioneer Awards $20,000 to Fund New 4-H Science Clubs

Published: November 14, 2012

At the Indiana State Fair, Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont company, awarded the Indiana 4‑H Foundation a $20,000 grant to help develop the next generation of scientists. The funds will be used to offer five, $4,000 grants to establish new 4‑H science clubs across the state that place special emphasis on involving female and minority youth. Additionally, these new clubs will work to engage science volunteers from several different science and technology industries.

“We are thrilled to bring together the desire of our long-time corporate partner, Pioneer, to help develop the next generation of scientists and the Indiana 4‑H Youth Development Program’s proven ability to reach the youth of Indiana with impactful educational programs,” said Shelly Bingle-Coffman, the Foundation’s Executive Director. “I’m proud that the Indiana 4‑H Foundation is able to bring together such partnerships that help fund the future of our state, and really, our world.”

Communities interested in this grant will apply through the state 4‑H office. Activities in these clubs will especially focus on the science of food, agriculture, and renewable energy. The curriculum for these 4‑H science clubs will feature hands-on experiences that will help spark a lasting interest in discovery and science for the 4‑H youth involved. Each 4‑H science club will facilitate at least one field trip that will reinforce different topics studied and science career exploration.

“We have found a tremendous partner in science and technology education through the Indiana 4‑H Foundation and Indiana 4‑H Youth Development,” said Brad Lance, Business Director for Pioneer. “Their broad reach across the state, and their youth-focused curriculum and programs enhance learning and personal development opportunities for all young people.”