Spotlight on Indiana 4-H: Huntington 4-H Robotics

Published: July 9, 2012

July 5, 2012 by William Murray

Inspired at the Young Age of 10 to Pursue Robotics

I have always had an interest in robotics. I would watch modern marvels and see all the cool robots in the industry. I would also look at some of my electronic items and think about how it was put together. Everything about electronics and robotics was fascinating to me. That’s not what inspired me to join the robotics team though. When I reached the age of ten I went to the 4‑H fair and saw this massive robot with a long armed called Sidewinder. I still have the memory of seeing that machine and watching it function. After four years I finally found out who made that magnificent piece of art. They were called the Huntington 4‑H Robotics. I was so anxious to sign up. Looking back at the day I signed up, I knew I made the right choice of joining.

4‑H Robotics Has Provided a Great Deal of Experience

People always ask me why I joined robotics. There are so many great things to say about it. You have the inspiring mentors, the business atmosphere, the competitions and so much more! If you want to be an engineer, 4‑H robotics is the best experience for you.

Ever since joining 4‑H robotics I’ve had so many roles. I started my first year with the mechanical team with hands on experience. You learn so quickly on how to use the shop equipment with the importance of safety. While on the mechanical team, I gained a lot of skills that will help me in the future. On my second year I was on the CAD team. They gave me the opportunity to use professional programs. Designing the robot is so much fun! I learned so much more about Autodesk than I would in school. My third year I participated in the animation team and I learned another professional program called Maya.

The teams are supervised by mentors. Mentors in the robotics program are really inspiring people. They don’t do the job for us; they guide us on how to do it in a safe way that it is easiest to learn. They help us while we use tools and travel to competitions with us. I have several memories from each mentor. They have always been there to support me every time I needed help.

There’s More than Just Building Machines in 4‑H Robotics

The competitions are really great for they are like nothing I’ve ever seen. I played a part for our success by taking part in scouting which means recording of fellow competitor’s robots on the field. This helped us choose our partners for the eliminations.

Robotics also provides volunteering opportunities. One of them is helping to clean the highway during the Adopt-A-Highway Program. I am able to use the volunteering hours towards New Tech at the high school. Huntington 4‑H robotics is something I will always remember. It has given me great experience for the future. I am planning to be an engineer someday thanks to robotics. I have been given all the skills it takes to be a successful engineer. Thank you 4‑H mentors and students for making robotics so amazing for me.

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