Teens as Teachers

Published: July 22, 2017


Teens as Teachers is a program that has equipped more than 500 high school students, in the areas of biotechnology, biosecurity, and healthy living, on the necessary skills to effectively teach younger youth, within their community.

For the past six years, those who have participated in the Teens as Teachers program have given between 500 to 700 hours of their time dedicated to teaching these initiatives to younger youth within their communities. With 12 youth making up four teams, this year, the Teens as Teachers program has focused on teaching nutrition and physical health initiatives. Angie Frost, Indiana 4‑H Extension Specialist in 4‑H Healthy Living says, “The Healthy Living Teachers are well-prepared, and inspired, to lead younger youth down the path to a healthy and well-balanced life.”

The generous $4500 given by Franciscan Health has helped to support a low cost for youth attendees as well as provide curriculum, supplies, and teaching kits that are given to the youth to use within their communities upon completion of the program. The youth that attend this program implement what they have learned in a multitude of places within their schools and communities, whether that be in their local 4‑H Club, afterschool programs, Spark Clubs, camps, the County Fair, Farmer’s Markets, or other community events.

Erika Bonnet, Indiana 4‑H Extension Specialist in Science Initiatives says, “Teens who participate in this program learn not only subject matter, but also learn skills like communication, teaching to different age audiences, lesson planning, experiential learning, and other leadership skills.”

As a result of this program, youth broaden themselves to the endless opportunities they have in becoming a leader and teacher, within their community and world, no matter their background, field of study, or the dreams and passions they have set before them.