When you’re done with your vehicle, Indiana 4-H isn’t!

Published: October 6, 2011

Recently, the Indiana 4‑H Foundation joined up with Insurance Auto Auction’s “One Car, One Difference” charity vehicle donation program. When you donate a vehicle to Indiana 4‑H through this program, you will reap the benefits of IAA’s free vehicle pick-up and auction service. Then you’ll get a sales receipt from your vehicle that you can file for a tax deduction.

Many people are familiar with car and boat donation programs. What is unique about the One Car, One Difference program is that not only can you donate your used cars, trucks, boats or RVs, you also have the opportunity to donate your used farm machinery and equipment – even if it no longer runs!

“We’re excited about the opportunity that vehicle donation presents to all of our donors – especially our supporters who live on farms,” said Shelly Bingle-Coffman. “Indiana 4‑H supporters will have the opportunity to donate their used and even un-useable vehicles and farm equipment, then IAA will take care of all the rest – including the haul away! The donors have an opportunity to have free up valuable space in their barns and other buildings at no cost while supporting Indiana 4‑H youth and reaping tax benefits from the auction of their equipment. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

For more information about how you can donate your vehicle(s) to support Indiana 4‑H, visit www.1car1difference.com or call 1-877-557-1CAR and select the Indiana 4‑H Foundation as the charity you wish to support.