Abigail Beck | 2020 Indiana 4‑H Accomplishment Scholarship Biography

Published: July 27, 2020

County of 4‑H membership:
St. Joseph County

Scholarship Category that you are being awarded:
Animal Science, Small and Companion Animal

Grade in School as of November 2020:
College Freshman

Current Career Plans:
I am not sure exactly what my future holds yet, but I am hoping to do something in the field of sustainability, such as sustainability consulting.

Attending what school/training and grade in Fall of 2020:
I will be in the Natural Resources and Environmental Science major at Purdue University this fall.

What 4‑H experiences did you have in your awarded scholarship category that will help you to succeed in your life or career?
Though there are many experiences and life lessons I learned through all of my 4‑H projects, I think the ability to be curious and persevere when trying new things will support my success throughout life. Learning to work as a team with my dog (Pooka) and horse (Sox) taught me both patience and the ability to think of others needs beyond myself, which will also help me develop lasting relationships long into the future. Finally, learning to keep an open and positive mindset, as I especially learned in my failures and successes through Poultry projects, will bring me success as I pursue the rapidly developing field of sustainability in the future.

What is the most significant opportunity you have received during your time in 4‑H?
4‑H has provided me endless opportunities to grow both as a person and a leader over the past 10 years, however the most significant opportunity that stands out in my mind is the ability to experiment and learn in a judgement free zone. With my family, friends, and leaders all supporting me through each failure and success brought on by each new project and division, I was able to find my passion for animals and the environment, along with developing some skills that I never would have had the opportunity to without 4‑H, including cake decorating and shooting sports. I will forever be grateful to 4‑H for helping shape me into the woman I am today.