Crystal Clovers Understand True Impact of Indiana 4‑H

Published: May 14, 2021

For Judy Singleton, John Torr, and Annie Watts Cloncs, supporting the Indiana 4‑H Foundation means providing opportunities to broaden the capacity of the Indiana 4‑H program and reach new audiences. Singleton, Torr, and Cloncs are all Indiana 4‑H Foundation Crystal Clovers.

Crystal Clovers are donors who give at least $1,000 in unrestricted funds to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation within one calendar year. Unrestricted funding is essential to support the operations of the Foundation and various Indiana 4‑H events and programs.

As Crystal Clovers, these generous donors receive personal invitations to special Indiana 4‑H events as well as personal communication about happenings in Indiana 4‑H.

Singleton was a 10-year 4‑H’er from Hamilton County, and at the end of her tenure in 4‑H, she knew she was ready to meet life after college thanks to her 4‑H experience.

Singleton believes that “4‑H is the gift that keeps on giving.” Because of this belief, she decided to become an Indiana 4‑H Foundation donor as a “pay-it-forward effort” since she credits 4‑H with helping her to become a contributing, self-sufficient adult.

After her 10 years in 4‑H, Singleton went on to earn a degree in Home Economics Education at Purdue University. Since then, she has been a political activist on behalf of women’s rights, developing the Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series.

She is presently involved in a real estate business with her son. Singleton appreciates the efforts and progress of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation to be a leader across the country by continuing to engage with Indiana 4‑H alumni.

As a multigenerational 4‑H’er in Putnam County, Torr also spent 10 years in 4‑H and presided over Indiana 4‑H Round-Up during his senior year of high school. After graduating from Indiana University, Torr built a successful sales and marketing career in a variety of different companies. Torr said, “I credit 4‑H for my success in leadership, project management, event planning, financial literacy, public speaking and balancing a checkbook.”

As a successful businessman, Torr understands the necessity for the lessons learned in 4‑H, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). He continues to give to the Indiana 4‑H Foundation because of the positive impact fostered for participants.

Cloncs understands the importance of skill and leadership development that she gained as a 10-year Indiana 4‑H member. She graduated from Purdue University and pursued a 50-year career in the food industry. Cloncs believes the Indiana 4‑H program “evolves to meet the changing needs of our society.” Due to COVID-19, she sees many businesses and institutions moving their programs to online, and therefore believes Indiana 4‑H can equip the future leaders of tomorrow in this manner.
Additionally, Cloncs wants to support what she values and believes in, and she finds Indiana 4‑H uniquely positioned among other nonprofit organizations based on their mission of “learning by doing.”

As Crystal Clovers, Singleton, Torr, and Cloncs believe in the future of the Indiana 4‑H program and continue to give on behalf of their experience and development in the organization. They, and others like them, are integral to the success of the Foundation and the Indiana 4‑H program.

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